"Dog Tales" weekly television series

Show Highlights

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Note: Episodes air the following weekend in most broadcast markets

Week of July 02, 2018-Episode D-1018
  • Police dog training school.
  • Breed profile: Black & Tan Coonhounds.

Week of July 09, 2018-Episode D-1019
  • Visiting actor Bryan Cranston and his dog.
  • Breed profile: Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Week of July 16, 2018-Episode D-1020
  • Profiling a three-legged dog named Moe.
  • Breed profile: Australian Shepherd.

Week of July 23, 2018-Episode D-1021
  • Learning about guide dogs.
  • Breed profile: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers.

Week of July 30, 2018-Episode D-1022
  • Rescuing dogs in South Africa.
  • Breed profile: Coton de Tulear.

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